How often does a search on the Internet lead us far from the result we are counting on. Take, for example, the widespread myth that there is a certain official Forex website. If you believe the statistics of search engines, this topic is quite in demand. And the query “forex official site” is monthly typed in the search bar by almost 10,000 users. What does the search robot return?

In search of the mythical: where is it – the official Forex website?

For the uninitiated, the world of forex trading seems like a miracle field where you can become a millionaire in an instant. Of course, this wonderful place must exist in reality – otherwise, the whole meaning is lost. That is why people are looking for the mythical “official Forex website”, and the most stubborn, obviously, even find it. In any case, search results stubbornly offer options in response, such as “the site of our dealing center” or “Forex – officially.” In the best case, you will be asked to familiarize yourself with the definition of the concept of Forex, taken from certain sources, vaguely called authoritative.

But to clarify the situation, it would be enough to look at the FAQ section of our website, where, using the link, you can find answers to a number of the most common questions on the functioning of the Forex market from beginners.

Search engines are not a guide

However, studying search results is sometimes useful. In any case, it may contain a link to Wikipedia or another similar web resource explaining some points. In 99% of other sources, you will certainly come across something similar to the puzzle in the series “go there, I don’t know where.” And in some especially neglected cases, it may seem that the broker or company themselves do not really understand the principles of working on Forex, known to every beginner. And after all, someone trusts these money-specialists.

In order not to become a victim of such “craftsmen”, you should be careful when choosing a broker. And the corresponding article “How to choose a broker?” Will probably help you figure out the situation.

However, some thematic sites even evade an answer, offering to visit some English-language web resources, allegedly being the official Forex site.

Want to confuse the situation even more? Go straight to the sites of services of questions and answers, where everyone can act as an expert. Here the “geography” of official Forex sites is even wider. And, basically, in the answers, you will be offered links to the websites of various brokerage organizations. And, in general, this does not contradict the truth. Wanted Forex? Here is Forex. Wanted an official site? There he is. True, you will not find references to the fact that under the guise of useful tips you are trying to foist a referral link to the website of a specific broker. Well, no need. Indeed, in search of reliable information, such services are practically useless.

Where to look for the official Forex website?

Oddly enough, the correct answer is this: the official Forex site does not exist, since the trading platform itself, in principle, is not a web project. This is not even an organization in our usual sense. Forex is an interbank currency market. Simply put, an association in which banks can carry out foreign exchange trading or a trading system that is accessible to smaller players through a broker.

And the official site, that is, the web representation, can, of course, be with an intermediary – a broker or a dealing center or bank. But not in the marketplace.

Useful information about Forex can and should be sought on proven resources, where authors, first of all, try to convey to beginners the fundamental knowledge that will give the reader a chance to become a professional trader.

We recommend that you begin to get acquainted with the Forex market with an extremely informative article – Fundamentals of the foreign exchange market.

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